Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Tattoo+Top

nice tattoo<33 i love it;P i am a good girl:P i didnt get anything in here! ;P

❁Tattoo❁ !::Wicked Tattoos::i - Checkered Tattoo FREEBIE ⇛ this page
❁Top❁ *Tentacio* Zombi top July gift  TP to⇛ here

I didn't have much time to enjoy SL from Monday but I had saved some nice stores of Marketplace :D
So I was excited to wear this tattoo and this top that I got from group gift before in world❤

By the way... Outside is still hot in RL! and soo humid :( it make me feel sick!!
I have to back to RL now but hope I can back SL soon then I want to go to beach tonight☀

Free Tattoo+Pants



❁Tattoo❁ ←!K&L! Rainbow Rave Paint [Free] Tattoo ⇛this page
                  →!K&L! Candy Stars Tattoo [Free] ⇛this page

❁Pants/Mesh❁ [TC] -BoL- Mesh Crotch Pants Pink Cute GIFT <3 [Free] ⇛this page

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

in world-> Free :)

[DuLcE]-1 [DuLcE]-2

 Marketplace ⇛ here

❁ this outfit is free in world <3 ❁